Presidential Nominee

Donald J. Trump

Donald J. Trump


Respond to the statements below to tell us how you see this nominee.

Collaborates with others, makes fair decisions, takes responsibility for his/her actions, and is open to criticism.

Doesn’t gossip or complain publicly about others, maintains and respects professional boundaries, uses discretion and doesn’t disclose information inappropriately.

Behaves appropriately towards others, keeps his/her emotions in check, and doesn't engage in sexist, racist, or nationalist speech or behavior.

Is direct and speaks up when necessary, addresses challenges and conflict head-on.

Does not take advantage of his/her position or the perks of office, and doesn't make exceptions to the rules for herself/himself.

Empowers others, doesn’t use domineering tactics, but seeks to use reason and interpersonal skills to persuade others.

Is impartial and fair, doesn’t promote friends or family members to positions of power, doesn’t surround himself/herself with in-group of loyal followers, but seeks to be objective.

Behaves modestly, doesn’t flaunt the privileges of his/her position, act arrogantly, or behave in an entitled fashion.

Is persuasive and influential in dealing with others.

Will engage the public; will shape perceptions, and move people to act; will convince others of how the world should be.

Will understand international politics and institutions and will apply principles of effective diplomacy; will have an effective foreign policy.

Will cooperate well with others who do not share his/her values and vision (e.g., adversarial Congress).

Will act to help other people and/or society as a whole.

Will use fundamental and moral principles to guide his/her behavior and will demonstrate exemplary behavior in pursuing how the world should be.

Is presidential material; will be among our historically great presidents.